Supporting Junior Sports Activities in Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire


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New opportunities for junior sport and outdoor activity are now being promoted through the Junior Sports Programme Trust. Current opportunities include
Pop Lacrosse for Local Schools, Target Shooting and Get Hooked on Fishing.

Ultimate Disc Sport

Schools in Lincolnshire and Nottingham shire are invited to participate in the Junior Sports Programme’s Disc Sport Development programme which has been established with the help of the LOT ACADEMY in California.

We provide:

  1. A brief introduction to Ultimate
  2. Online advice for teachers on coaching from the LOT Academy
  3. Practice (disc throwing) equipment for Primary Schools
  4. Competition equipment for secondary schools

Email: for more information

Target Shooting

Air pistol target shooting is one of the most accessible International and Olympic shooting disciples. It is also judged to be of great value in engendering self control and responsible behaviour in young people.

Encouraged by the success of Junior GB squad member Megan Gilkes, the Junior Sports Programme has introduced a new 6 yard postal competition in 2014 for Lincolnshire under 17s. The event will take place throughout the summer months. It is being supported by local shooting clubs, retailers and national shooting associations.

Pop Lacrosse for Local Schools

The Junior Sports Programme have introduced a new equipment loan scheme to boost development of lacrosse as a junior sports activity in Nottinghamshire.

We are working with Nottingham Lacrosse and English Lacrosse Association to extend the sport into junior schools in the East Midlands by training instructors and providing loan equipment for use by schools.

The programme also allows schools to test extending their sports curriculum without the need to incur expense of teacher coaching or buying new equipment.

Pop Lacrosse has been played in Nottinghamshire for many years. The Junior Sports Programme's new scheme is enabling 8 other local schools to play the game with 15 teachers participating in a coaching course.

A tournament for participating schools is being arranged for this summer, following which we will be extending the scheme in Lincolnshire.

Get Hooked on Fishing

Get Hooked on Fishing is a project pioneered in the North of England. It aims to introduce yougsters to angling and encourages an appreciation of the natural environment through direct involvement in habitat improvement.

The Junior Sports Programme are working with the Lincoln Voluntary sector, The Environment Agency, local angling clubs and others to introduce the schem into Lincoln. The first project is planned for Stamp End, to the east of the City Centre.

The first training session was arranged in late October 2003 with 14 young people attending on each of 3 days. Encouragingly, no one dropped out.

University students filmed the fishing as part of a news project and have made a 90 second news report. All of the children involved in the report were to receive a free copy.

Training of fishing coaches is scheduled to continue over the winter months.

Private sector contributions to Lincoln's Get Hooked on Fishing project have been supported by a number of Hodgson Elkington's clients including Taylor Lindsey and Simons Estates Ltd. Funds have also been raised through an auction of surplus fishing tackle organised by Thos Mawer & Son.