Supporting Junior Sports Activities in Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire
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The Junior Sports Programme has been involved in supporting and promoting over thirty different activities.

Not all pupils wish or are able to engage in traditional sporting activities. We tare herefore are actively involved in introducing new games to schools and clubs that can make use of existing facilities whilst appealing to children with a broad range of skill and ability.

These include:

Ultimate Disc Sport

Photo courtesy of Peterborough Ultimate

Schools and clubs in Lincolnshire are invited to participate in the Junior Sports Programme’s Disc Sport Development programme which has been established with the help of the LOT Academy in America and Peterborough Ultimate League in Canada.

The Junior Sports Programme can provide:

  1. Online advice for teachers on coaching from the LOT Academy
  2. Practice (disc throwing) equipment for Primary Schools
  3. Competition equipment for secondary schools
  4. Downloadable instructions for Junior Ultimate organisers and player

Click here for a summary guide or email: for more information

Pop Lacrosse for Local Schools

The Junior Sports Programme has introduced an equipment loan scheme to boost development of pop lacrosse as a junior sports activity in Lincolnshire.

We have worked with Nottingham Lacrosse and English Lacrosse to extend the sport into junior schools in the East Midlands by:

  1. Providing loan equipment
  2. Training teachers and coaches
  3. Arranging inter school and regional tournaments

The programme also allows schools to test extending their sports curriculum without the need to incur expense buying new equipment. National Pop Lacrosse Rules can be downloaded here.

Pop Lacrosse has been played in Nottinghamshire for many years. The Junior Sports Programme's new scheme has enabled Lincolnshire schools to play the game. Coaching courses are available for teachers in both counties.

Email: for more information.

Cricket Ball Throwing Competition

Cricket is a team sport requiring a great deal of organisation and management. A cricket ball throwing competition is quickly and easily arranged, particularly useful if time is limited or where basic game skills are lacking.

Our contribution is:

  1. A downloadable instruction sheet - click here
  2. Score sheet for you to print - click here
  3. An annual trophy for the best distance thrown in 3 age categories (under 10/ under 13/ under 16).

All you need do to enter for our annual award is forward an email with the competitors name, age, school/club, supervisors contact information (Teacher or Adult Coach) and distance thrown. The competition runs every year and open for entries until the 25th September. Entries should be submitted to: .The winners will be announced in October.


This is the latest Junior Sports Programme project. The game was developed in Canada as something that would appeal to all ages and abilities. It provides an excellent exercise regime and can be played indoors and out within most existing sports facilities.

Click here for a summary guide

The Junior Sports Programme will provide:

  1. Loan equipment
  2. Training for teachers and coaches
  3. Medals and trophies for local Kin-ball tournaments


  1. The supply of all Junior Sports Programme equipment and activities is subject to availability and offered at the discretion of the directors.
  2. Schools and Clubs participating in Junior Sports Programmes Activities are responsible fot the supervision and conduct of participants. The Junior Sports Programme directors and volunteers do not regulate or supervise sports activities.
  3. Guidence provided by the Junior Sports Programme regarding risk assessment and child protection is for general guidance only. Event and activity organisers are responsible for assessing its suitability for application to the specific activities in which they are engaged.