Supporting Junior Sports Activities in Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire


The Junior Sports Programme Gold Award are specially commissioned medals to be awarded to individuals for extraordinary achievement or contribution to junior sport.


All junior members of participating clubs are eligible for nomination to receive the award for achievement. The award for contribution is open to junior members and adults providing voluntary assistance in the coaching and administration of junior sport activities.


Clubs wishing to participate in the Gold Award scheme are provided with an information pack and nomination forms. Participants are eligible for one award per annum in each category.


Nominations can be made at any time during the relevant sporting season and up to one month prior to the date of the award. Awards will be made at the end of May or at the end of November in each year dependent upon the sporting discipline and individual club preferences.


The development of junior sport in the East Midlands is very much dependent upon the achievement of individual participants and the encouragement of volunteers who carry the not inconsiderable burden of responsibility of organising club activities and coaching the members.

The Junior Sports Programme Gold Award is a small but significant recognition of their efforts.