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    South Lincolnshire Activities

    South Lincolnshire Activities

    Pop Lacrosse and Kin-ball are to be made available at schools in South Lincolnshire in 2023 with help from Rupert Gibson, the School Games Organiser for the Lincolnshire South East School Sports Partnership. The Junior Sports Programme is providing the equipment, Rupert Gibson will arrange the introduction of these activities and help organise coaching. The Junior Sports Programme’s association with Rupert has given the charity access to the Agilitas Sports online database of School Sports Activities and Rules. This can be found in the Resources section of the JSP website.

    Rupert Gibson and Agilitas Sports have considerable experience in the delivery of Junior Sports activities in the south of the county. To visit their website for activity and competition details for South East Lincolnshire. Click here.

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    Similar arrangements are being made with other junior sport organisers in the North of the county and the Junior Sports Programme hope to be able to introduce new inter-school competitions in 2023/4.