Lacrosse has been played in the UK since its introduction in the 1860’s and enjoyed by thousands of men and women since. It is currently played in over 100 universities.

The game of pop lacrosse has large benefits as it is mixed, non-contact, and highly energetic for all participants, using a high degree of motor skills (hand eye coordination and body awareness). Pop Lacrosse has been enjoyed by children in primary schools for many years, culminating in the County Pop Lacrosse tournament held in the Spring. A tournament was scheduled for 2020 however due to lockdown this did not take place.

We intend to run a County Pop lacrosse tournament in 2022, and would like to open this to all schools to have the opportunity of enjoying the sport. If your school already plays the sport and wishes to be included in the tournament, please with your contact information and school address before the 1st November.

If, however you are new to the sport, Michael Aspinall, the County Pop Lacrosse Coordinator can arrange” Intro to Pop Lacrosse” courses after school at which teachers will be advised as to how to deliver the sport, the rules and suggested lesson plans.