Our plans for the second half of 2021 proved over optimistic and at the start of 2022 there is still uncertainty over what junior sports activities can continue safely (and sensibly).

We hope to resume the annual County Pop Lacrosse Tournament in the spring following an encouraging level of interest from local schools. Coaching for teachers is still available for schools wishing to participate and we still hold a stock of loan equipment for use by local schools and clubs.

Loan equipment for Kin-ball is ready for distribution but as the sport involves close contact the launch will be deferred until the educational system returns to something approaching ‘normal’.

The Junior Sports Programme will be trialling a new Target Disc activity in 2022 as a non-contact sport and an introduction to Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. The scheme is aimed at Primary School children.

If your school or club are interested in Pop Lacrosse, Kin-ball, Disc sports, our award schemes or just need help with medals, please email: info@juniorsport.co.uk.