In December last year we helped with the first ever Kin-ball competition for the region. This is new sport coming to us from Canada where 3 teams play each other at the same time trying to keep a GIANT ball off the floor!

The competition forms part of the School Games which seeks to increase competition, participation and leadership in sport. This event was arranged by Rupert Gibson to give young boys from schools in South Lincolnshire a really positive sporting experience with equipment provided by the Junior Sports Programme. Bourne Academy hosted the event and also provided Sports Leadership Academy students to act as managers and coaches.

To see short clips of the game in action, click on the links below:  

Clip 1

Clip 2

The aim was to teach them a completely new sport so they could have a really active day, make new friends, improve their cooperation and teamwork and have lots of FUN. The day was a massive success with all the boys leaving feeling more positive about sport and exercise. As a result the Junior Sports Programme has supplied additional equipment this month so that more schools can take part. School Games competitions like this happen almost every week across the region and are open to ALL schools.

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